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What Others Are Saying..

"It was a great experience working with Eskil. I came with a blank page and he helped me to find a good business idea and how to evolve in this project step by step. I really mean it: step by step!


He was so helpful. I'm the kind of guy jumping from one idea to another and not able to finalize any of it. I was the specialist of action-faking but that belongs to the past thanks to this incredible coach who always has the good word and knows exactly what to do at each moment.


Of course, he doesn't do the work for you - he shows you what to do and how to do it. He's super motivating, and he knows his job like no other. My project is launched and it is so exciting. I need Eskil more than ever now as he teaches me many amazing tricks that would have taken months to understand without him.


It is a fantastic investment, don't hesitate to work with him if you are like me: someone who needs backup to start the engine and take good direction."

Emanuel Cristea, Coaching Student

Founder -


"Having someone who can constantly give you feedback and know the ins and outs of choosing a niche, marketing, testing the market, dealing with suppliers and overall expert general advice has helped me tremendously.

I recommend Eskil as a mentor whether you're starting out or experienced.


Eduardo Borrego, Coaching Student

Founder -

Bryan Hucko, Coaching Student


"I hired Eskil to help me with my Kickstarter campaign. Originally I hired him as a coach. He helped me every step of the way. Eventually it turned into a little more hands on on his part. He took care of Facebook ads himself. Very accessible and helpful, for example when I needed a video promo for Facebook ads he made it for me within an hour. (Even though it wasn't necessarily his job) he cares and want you to succeed. My campaign wasn't successful but even professional companies like Funded Today weren't able to make my campaign successful so it wasn't his problem that it didn't work."


Leizer Rodal, Coaching Student

Founder -

"Eskil has been very accessible and helpful in providing feedback via e-mail or Skype. He has been generous in sharing his knowledge and expertise, in addition to tools and resources to help navigate some of the potential roadblocks and pitfalls of starting your first venture.


He is genuinely invested in our work, and I would recommend him to anybody that is struggling to get out of the starting blocks or isn't exactly sure how. Thanks Eskil!"

M. Diop, Coaching Student


"I have had the pleasure to work with Eskil for almost a year now and he knows this space quite well. He is someone who is easy to work with and committed to succeed. I recommend his services to anyone who wants exposure for there product or insight in deployment and development."


Todd Murray
CEO, Mission Interactive

"Overall I can't say enough good things about Eskil and the coaching program he put together. If you need a jump start or are looking to find a way to get to that next level, this is your guy. As others have mentioned, you are going to have to hustle and commit but the information and opportunity is there. Not only that, 6 months is a heck of a LONG time to have access to someone with his skill sets.


More than anything though, I doubt you will have many chances to work with a more genuine individual. Never once did I feel like I was paying for a service where I didn't believe I was the most important person he was working with. Honestly, I am not sure how he did because I know I was one of like 5 or 6 students at the time. Even long after my paid time was up he continued to help me through some rough spots I was stuck on. I believe he actually cared about seeing me succeed"

"I was one of Eskil's students when he first offered coaching and it was one of the best investments for me, my business and my family. When I started with Eskil I knew a little bit about Amazon but not much. Eskil walked me through everything from product research, keyword research, launching a product and growing the business. Since then I've become a full-time Amazon seller and last year my wife quit her job and joined the business.

What is also great was that as a side benefit he introduced me to his network of like-minded hustlers which was great and we still talk to this day. I owe my current livelihood to Eskil helping me out in the beginning.

Kaman Cheung - Coaching Student


"He's obviously built businesses and has the experience to get you to build yours faster (imagine having your business already built, avoiding the roadblocks he can guide you past...and having that clarity and mentorship you've been looking for...).


It's not all rainbows and sunshine when your business starts making money, and the value you get from his experience navigating through that is worth its weight in gold. Either way, you'll learn how to avoid that when you're at the top...or if something happens to you, you'll have an experienced mentor to guide you through it when times get tough."


Andrew Alexander

"Eskil is very thorough and very creative. I'm totally impressed with the way he approaches his product development - his Stayblcam is just brilliant. He's also completely honest and forthright, so I've benefited from his insights into some of my work as have many others."

Ted Marcus
Senior IT Project Manager, Micro Focus


Torsten Kirschner
Solution Architect,

"Eskil was a pleasure to work with. I'd describe him as competent, responsible and constructive. Eskil is proficient in project methodologies, tools and IT in general. In addition, his personality and the fact that he's multi-lingual make him very approachable. I'd be happy to work with Eskil again and can easily recommend him as a resourceful contributor to any project or company."

"He literally sold so much of his own product SO quickly... that his manufacturer couldn't keep up. Did I mention he invented, patented, got free international press to crowdfund and mass produce it himself? His journey has inspired a lot of what I'm doing with my business today. If you're looking to shave years off your learning curve, and have a great mentor and friend who can help you build and scale up a REAL business... look no further, this is it!"

Winson Tam


"I could not say enough good things about Eskil! So I’m sure as you all have read and heard, having a mentor can have a HUGE impact on your business and life. I could see the importance and value of a mentor but seeing that I did not currently know anyone that was doing something similar to me but at a higher level I had to search for a mentor. 


Although I was still weary and wanted to find out more, just the fact that he is open to letting you see what kind of business he runs and does not hold back any details when asked made me feel that much more comfortable. To add to it, the fact that he also wanted to see if I was a good fit for him made Eskil stand out compared to the rest.


I pulled the trigger and decided to get him as a mentor and I gotta say, it’s been SOOO helpful. See the thing is I had reached a point in my business where although, sure, I could follow the general recommendations of the different podcasts and blogs I listen to and read, I just could not make any decisions because I needed answers that matched my specific situation. Before choosing a mentor, even with my enthusiasm and motivation I started with, I slowly lost progress and taking action which led to less motivation just cause I want to commit something that I know was worth my time and money. Eskil put me back on track and man it has been awesome. I am excited to see the results of two major product “projects” I’m about to put into the market. 


This has been the best decision I have made. Eskil quickly responds to my emails and gives full detailed responses and always makes sure that I understand. Plus the weekly skype meetings for things that require a back and forth conversation has been extremely helpful. I am VERY happy I chose Eskil!"


Dalziel Soto, Coaching Student

Founder, DalStrength

"Amazing. Eskil helped me with three different issues in my business related to price structuring and product offers. Three issues, three Skype sessions, and all my problems were solved ! He came up with suggestions and ideas that seemed so simple and yet so effective. As we talked about my issues, I could see the wheels turning and he was throwing out ideas faster than I could write ! I’m always so very impressed with the pros that make it seem easy. Thanks again Eskil!"

Scott Miller



"Eskil has helped me to create, price, market, and launch my PERRS branded shoe-covers. He's become more of a mentor because he is so generous. Also his skills are exemplary and he communicates punctually and effectively. One last thing, Eskil is not a theoretician / academic. He has tons of real-life experience with his own products."


Greg Wolf
Founder and CEO - Perrs Company, LLC

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