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Eskil Nordhaug is what could be considered an 'internet veteran', having been online since 1992 before there were even browsers or a web. Eskil has degrees in computer science, but later found that his true passion was in entrepreneurship, marketing and product innovation.


He has been doing online marketing since 2004, when he launched his first company, which he later sold in 2008. Since then, he has helped countless entrepreneurs and multi-million dollar companies grow their business online.

Eskil is also the creator and CEO of StayblCam, a product he himself invented and sold to more than 75 countries.

About Me



Are you new to entrepreneurship - and you don't have a product or business yet? Maybe you have tried some things in the past but never had much success? Or - you already have a business that is doing 'ok' but feel stuck or going backwards?

Well I am here to help you!


Need help boosting your sales on Amazon? I work closely with many clients, growing their sales on Amazon, even internationally. Want to take your Shopify sales to the next level, boost your conversion rates and ROI? I will take a close look at where and why your business is behind held back and work on scaling things up.




Following a FREE introductory consultation where we identify your goals and challenges, I set up weekly 1-on-1 accountability calls where we go over your past week's progress, current challenges, and an action plan for the next week. Of course, all along you will also be able to communicate directly with me via phone, email, texts, and chat for any questions or concerns that I will help you resolve.

Getting Started
  • Idea brainstorming and validation (If you're starting from scratch)

  • Initial product research and sourcing

  • The various ways to monetize a business/product idea

  • Crowdfunding success and other ways to fund your idea

The Product Stage
  • Product sourcing and dealing with suppliers

  • Prototyping and pre-production development (if applicable)

  • Functional design decisions for manufacturing (if applicable)

  • Planning out your product’s supply chain

Building Your Brand
  • Consumer psychology and your product/packaging/label design

  • Establishing and building a brand that consumers love

  • Starting / growing your social media efforts

Marketing and Sales
  • How to start getting noticed and drive exposure

  • Selling on Amazon

  • Driving targeted traffic and front-end sales from PPC / paid traffic sources (Facebook Ads, Google, Instagram, and more)

  • Converting visitors to sales and why every detail on your website matters

  • Creating your own affiliate program to drive sales

  • Making videos that will support your marketing efforts

  • Utilizing social media and influencer marketing to its fullest

  • 'Outside the box' marketing/promotion ways to acquire customers

Long Term Strategies
  • Planning the long term strategy and goal for your business

  • Getting distributors and retailers interested in your product

  • Maximizing back-end sales, list-building, and LCV (lifetime customer value)

  • Raising outside capital from investors or other funding

  • Exit strategies, and ways to build your business into a multi-million dollar valuation



Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Amazon Sales, Shopify, and PPC Ad Management. These are the cornerstones of many modern e-commerce businesses. Yet many struggle with knowing how to maximize their efforts.

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