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Digital marketing specialist in Phoenix, Arizona - Eskil Nordhaug

How Can I Help YOUR Business Grow?

  • Conversion Optimization Specialist
  • Business Coach & Brand Developer
  • Digital Marketing Expert of 20 Years

"Eskil Nordhaug is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, business coach and digital marketing veteran. Over the past 20 years, Eskil has helped both multi-million dollar companies - as well as small to medium sized businesses - grow their brand exposure and profits.

Veteran marketers like Eskil are few and far between - not to mention the breadth of knowledge and experience he possesses in this field."

Do You Feel Like Your Business Could Be Doing Much, Much Better?

Have you wasted time on "experts" who took your money -
but left you with little to no REAL return?

Well, I am here to help! Unlike many fly-by-night “marketers” out there who often only care about doing the bare minimum and collecting payments from you - I have a thorough understanding of key factors that drive online sales in many different industries.

Because I've have been on your side!

Whether it’s e-commerce, lead generation, B2B, or local services - my 20 years of working with numerous types of businesses has given me a deep knowledge of what really works for various industries. And having been a business owner and product developer myself - I also understand what it is like to operate a business, not just marketing someone else’s.

Conversion Optimization Specialist in Arizona

Sales & Leads

Let's review exactly WHY you're behind your competition - then create a NEW approach that will truly grow your business...

Here's why most small businesses never reach their full potential online...

1 - Not using the most appropriate advertising channel(s)
Many business owners lack awareness of which ad platform would give them the most return on their ad spend. A common mistake is to assume that because an advertising channel is popular - then that's "the way to go". But at the end of the day - are you tracking actual $ return - from the money you have been throwing at it?
2 - Failing at customer engagement with poor ads
Did you know something as small as 1 poorly chosen word in your ad copy can affect not only your conversion rate - but also cost you more money? Or that using an "OK" photo - vs using a GREAT photo in your ad, can mean the difference between your ads losing or making money?
3 - Sending visitors to a page that fails to convert into $
Believe it or not - this is perhaps the most overlooked point of failure. Sure - your website or homepage may look decent or seem "good enough". But do you truly know how well it is able to convince your prospects into leads - or to buy something from you? Do you know your conversion rate? Chances are it should be MUCH higher than it currently is.

Conversion Optimization (CRO)

Let's look at an example:
Bob's Law Firm wants more leads for their law practice. They advertise on Google Ads, bidding on keywords relating to things like "accident attorney", "estate planning lawyer", and "slip and fall injury attorney" - sending traffic to their homepage.

Below is a look at their monthly performance numbers - before and AFTER conversion optimization - all the way from ad channel to converted leads...
Results like these are not uncommon with the right conversion optimization strategy. In this case, the monthly ad spend DID NOT change!

Instead - every variable in their advertising funnel was improved with a new strategy, from start to finish...

From utilizing the proper ad platforms correctly, to implementing new and proven ad copies, along with directing that traffic to more relevant landing pages - their law practice got MORE clicks for the same budget
- while at the same time reducing the cost per lead by 75%!

Let's Get Started!

Here's how I will work with you to achieve the growth your business deserves:
  1. Do an initial FREE audit of your current ads and website - and listen to your needs and concerns.
  2. Provide you with a no-cost, no-commitment Strategy Proposal + a few pricing options, with NO contract.
  3. Implement the agreed upon strategy and provide you with ongoing reporting and follow-ups via video/phone calls or emails.
Digital advertising specialist in Scottsdale, Eskil Nordhaug

Talk with Eskil Today!

Thank you - I will be in touch as soon as possible!

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